The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy course runs for 6 months, with classes 3 days a week from 10am- 6pm
The program cost is currently $8000, textbook cost of $800 (including iPad Mini and a kit fee of $2000, which is for all your professional equipment and mannequins.
For students paying the entire tuition up front, there will be a 10% tuition reduction in tuition fees. *Please note this discount only applies if the student finishes at least 10 weeks of the course. If the student is dismissed or leaves the course for any reason in less than 10 weeks, the former student will forfeit the discount.

The VHA's agenda is a simple one: We are going to raise the bar in the hairdressing school industry.
We will do this by training you as if we are going to hire you. After finishing the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy course, you will be fully prepared for the realities of the beauty business and ready to begin your career in hairdressing.

Our curriculum is taken from the apprenticeship program created by Michael Levine in 1998 and used by Michael and his education team to train hundreds of young hairstylists. The training system at the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy has evolved into the fastest and most progressive way to train a new hairstylist anywhere in North America.
We will have you cutting hair on the first day, and colouring hair by the fourth day. It is intense, fast-paced and fun, but most important, practical. There is little emphasis placed on dated areas and techniques that are rarely used.

This course is for the student that wants to achieve the highest levels in the industry. If you have low-expectations of this business, there are plenty of other schools that can lead you to a career in mediocrity. We are only interested in teaching you how to be the best, most successful stylist you can be.

Our expectations are high; regular attendance and a great attitude are the minimum requirements. We are going to treat you more like an apprentice than a student. You will be held to a high level of professionalism, from dress code, to appearance, to customer service. After finishing this course, you will be prepared to set foot in any of the best salons in North America. And in many cases, you will help raise the bar for that company's standard of employee.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Bumble and Bumble Hair School In Vancouver Bumble and Bumble Hair School In Vancouver
a michael levine salon group currently includes space salon, caramel salon and the vancouver hairdressing academy
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